TCI RED Host Web Protection

TCI RED Host Web Protection provides comprehensive web security, web filtering and bandwidth monitoring. TCI RED Host Web Protection proactively stops threats designed to infect your network’s computers – reducing employee productivity, compromising sensitive (proprietary) information, and increasing costs. Malware (inbound) and botnet (outbound) infections can seize network resources to commit denial of service attacks, steal confidential data from within your network, and waste precious bandwidth and computer resources.

TCI RED Host Web Protection features the ability to:

  • Keep your business safe and end-users protected by securing against websites pushing malware, phishing, proxies, spyware, adware, botnets and spam.
  • Apply time-based browsing rules and web content filtering policies across a robust range of website categories, helping to reduce non-work related browsing such as social networking, auctions, games and more...
  • Help employees stay productive with common-sense web browsing policies designed for the workplace.
  • Stay on top of bandwidth usage with alerts when devices exceed thresholds - enabling quick remediation to avoid unwanted costs or a throttled network.
  • Protect the business from legal liability and reduce the risk of a security breach through proactive internet access controls.
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