TCI RED Managed Antivirus

As part of a comprehensive network security system, TCI RED Managed Antivirus is able to help protect your servers and workstations from malicious malware and hackers. Hackers have become more dangerous and greedy. Their attacks have become more malicious, refined, and costly to their victims. Help protect the systems that run your business with TCI RED Managed Antivirus.


Along with peace of mind, TCI RED Managed Antivirus comes with many other benefits. With TCI RED Managed Antivirus,

  • You will not have to worry about out-of-date protection due to licensing and renewal issues;
  • TCI is able to remotely configure and monitor your servers and workstations for malware content;
  • Our technicians are proactively alerted in case your systems are infected with malware;
  • TCI RED Managed Antivirus contains zero-day detection capabilities which helps eliminate newer forms of malware for which no antivirus patterns may exist;
  • The virus engine is based on the award-winning Bitdefender software – renowned for high performance and low impact on target systems.

Regulatory Compliance

One of the 12 requirements that comprise the PCI DSS (Payment Card Information Data Security Standard) is to “use and regularly update anti-virus software”. TCI installs and supports managed antivirus on your servers and workstations which helps you get one step closer to achieving your PCI Certification.

HIPAA also requires entities to implement “procedures for guarding against, detecting and reporting malicious software.” Again, the TCI RED Managed Antivirus will help you meet this important requirement.

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