TCI RED Mail Protection

Message handling

TCI RED Mail Protection offers several options for handling of detected junk which can be established globally across one or more domains, or for one or more individual users, and which can be changed at any time. Customers can choose to:

  • Drop detected spam – an aggressive approach that reduces a customer’s network bandwidth requirements and mail server load. Due to TCI RED Mail Protection’s extremely low percentage of false positives (legitimate email wrongly classified as spam), it is very rare that a legitimate email message will be dropped.
  • Tag and forward detected spam – with a modified subject line, incoming email can be automatically directed to a specific folder in each user’s email program for periodic review and/or deletion.
  • Redirect detected spam - junk mail can be directed to an alternative address, e.g.,
  • Quarantine - junk messages are redirected to individual web-mail quarantine accounts that can be reviewed at any time by end users. The most common choice of larger businesses and ISPs, this approach reduces bandwidth requirements and mail server load for customers while providing complete assurance that no legitimate message will ever be lost.

Message digests

Customers can opt to receive periodic message digests, which provide each user a summary list of the junk email received for them.  Digests can be sent as infrequently as once per week, or as frequently as several times per day, at times defined by the customer.  Each digest includes a means to immediately release each message from the quarantine in case it is or may be legitimate, providing reassurance that no valid mail is being detected as spam.

Messaging analysis

TCI RED Mail Protection uses a combination of techniques for spam and message analysis. While generally no single element will by itself classify a message as spam, the use of multiple methods in conjunction with each other reduces the number of false positives compared to other approaches to spam detection.

TCI RED Mail Protection continually refines its message analysis techniques, with a focus on adaptive technologies to detect evolving spam patterns.  TCI RED Mail Protection incorporates techniques such as:

  • Authenticity checks including detailed header analysis, SMTP conversation details, message encoding and formatting, etc.,
  • Message fingerprinting to compare email signatures to frequently-updated public and internal databases of known spam messages.
  • An extensive, continually updated Heuristic Rule Set that encompasses message headers, body text, and other characteristics of both English and non-English language messages.
  • Public and private blacklists of mail servers, relays, or networks known to be used by spammers.
  • Extensive URI databases of unique elements such as URLs, phone numbers, and physical addresses known to be used by spammers.
  • Incorporation of Domain history and reputation to increase the accuracy of blacklists and URI databases.
  • Real-time message source analysis to assess whether an increased volume of mail flow is simply a legitimate high-volume mailing, or the result of a spammer hijacking or the use of a ‘zombie’ network.
  • Dynamic feedback-based rules optimization to leverage feedback from thousands of TCI RED Mail Protection service users, as well as from many monitored legitimate and ‘spam trap’ email addresses.
  • User-based message profiling that allows for refinement of message scoring for each user based on a history of his or her message traffic.
  • Customizable whitelists and blacklists which can be applied on an account-wide, organization-wide, domain-wide, or user-specific basis.

Working together, these elements accurately detect a very high percentage of spam, phishing emails, and other unwanted messages – while minimizing the chances of a legitimate message being detected as spam.

True continuity

TCI RED Mail Protection provides organizations with peace of mind regarding their email via an integrated continuity service.

In the event that the customer's mail server is temporarily down or inaccessible, TCI RED Mail Protection acts as a message queue. No messages are lost, and people who send email to that organization don’t receive error messages; TCI RED Mail Protection simply stores those messages and delivers them once the customer’s mail server is back online. It uses a timing algorithm to deliver queued messages to ensure that the customer’s mail server is not overwhelmed with a sudden barrage of queued messages once the server is back up and running.

More importantly, customers can access and respond to any queued messages via the TCI RED Mail Protection control panel - allowing customers to continue their business-critical email communications even when their own mail infrastructure is off-line. This on-demand, full-fledged backup mail service is available at any time, without the need for customers to invest in hardware or software or to make any advance preparations other than normal use of the service.

With these features, TCI RED Mail Protection provides companies with true email continuity under circumstances ranging from a brief, planned mail server upgrade, to a major network outage caused by a natural disaster.

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