TCI RED Managed Network

With a TCI RED Managed Network, TCI is able to remotely program, monitor, and maintain your TCI provided cloud-enabled network equipment, such as firewalls, switches, and access points. Setup and changes to programming (such as quality of service, vpn, vlan, and ssid setup) can be done in mere minutes. Firmware and security threat signatures are automatically updated. When equipment is offline or having issues, we receive notification and are able to remediate the issue. Paired with our TCI RED Maintenance services, we are able to provide you with the best managed solution to keep your network running.

TCI RED Managed Gateway

Take control of your network with TCI RED Managed Gateway. TCI RED Managed Gateway provides remote management of your TCI provided cloud-enabled firewall. With TCI RED Managed Gateway, TCI is able to provide and maintain incident alerting, comprehensive reporting, firewall access policies, VPN setup, user authentication policies, routing rules, gateway antivirus, content and application filtering, intrusion detection and prevention, bandwidth control, and many other features.

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