TCI RED Mail Archiving

Offloading email infrastructure

The ever-growing volume of email puts more and more strain on an organization’s email infrastructure. TCI RED Mail Archiving relieves the burden on groaning email infrastructures, removing or delaying costly investments in hardware upgrades and saving the maintenance headaches of reliably maintaining important email.

Preserving intellectual property

Email contains some of the most valuable information within an organization, providing a record of internal and external communications across the company over a period of years. TCI RED Mail Archiving’s advanced easy to use search mechanisms, along with manual or automatic tagging of messages, makes it simple for customers to find the information they are looking for.

Meeting regulatory requirements

For many organizations, government or industry regulations require the retention of email communications for years. TCI RED Mail Archiving helps meet these requirements with message retention for up to 10 years, customizable retention policies, tamperproof storage and full audit logs.

Built-in availability

The cloud-based, geographically distributed infrastructure of TCI RED Mail Archiving means that if disaster strikes, your valuable email history isn’t threatened. Messages can be exported from the archive service in EML, MBOX, or PST formats.

Preparing for disputes

When disputes or litigation occur, having a verifiable archive of email communications is often critical in proving who said what and when. The TCI RED Mail Archiving Legal Hold feature allows selected messages to be retained past their normal retention period in order to meet legal preservation needs.

Simplified email management

When bundled with TCI RED Mail ProtectionTCI RED Mail Archiving provides an integrated solution and a single console for email security, email continuity, and email archive. End users can access quarantined messages, queued messages when their own email infrastructure is offline, and their archived messages, all in one place – while administrators similarly save time and money with one easily managed and comprehensive solution for email security.

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