Star2Star Unveils StarVideo, StarPhone

Posted by brussell on March 18, 2013


Recently, Star2Star unveiled its next generation video conferencing and iphone apps, and will release it for general availability in the near future. The video conferencing app, StarVideo, will be a Starlet in the Star2Star Application Framework software for desktops. It will be capable of handling up to 12 users in one conference session.

Star2Star also unveiled its softphone app for the IPhone platform. The StarPhone will allow any iPhone to become a direct extension of a StarSystem and inherit many of the features of a normal desktop VoIP phone.

Please read these press releases from PRWEB for more information:

Star2Star Announces StarVideo™ Videoconferencing

Star2Star Announces StarPhone™ for iPhone

Watch the video on what's new from Star2Star: