C24 Interactive Simplifies Home Automation

Posted by brussell on March 28, 2013


Home Automation may seem like Sci-fi material to many home owners and therefore perceived as very complicated and costly to install. However, with C24 Interactive, TCI is able to offer both affordable and easy to use automation features to home owners. 

With C24 Interactive, home owners are able to control their lights, appliances, and thermostats (heating and cooling) to help with their home's energy management costs. They are able to arm and disarm their security systems to ensure that their valuable assets and family are secure. Also, home owners are able to view cameras which are installed in their homes to monitor activity inside and outside their home. All this may done either remotely using any mobile device or computer or on premise using an intuitive LCD panel. Finally, custom schedules may be created in order to create "scenarios" in order to improve security and maximize energy efficiency.

Click here to view an interactive demo and see how easy it is to move into the world of "Sci-Fi" with ease.